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What is Thrifty?

Thrifty is a web-based app that helps you really understand your finances

Using Thrifty to track every penny you earn, spend, and save helps you build better money habits


I love Thrifty. The analysis definitely helps me to better understand and improve my spending habits.


Psychology Student

Thrifty puts our spending into perspective and makes us realize where our hard-earned money is really going.


Pursuing Financial Independence

The first step to being financially independent is knowing how you spend your money, and Thrifty is a great way to do that.


Healthcare Worker on the road to FI/RE


All the Info

We calculate your savings rate in real-time so you know where you stand

View your entries by date or category and quickly access your monthly and yearly totals

Beautiful interface

Manual tracking shouldn't just be for spreadsheet fanatics

Our design has been carefully planned to make your tracking experience a good one

Customizable Categories

We prepopulate Thrifty with our most popular categories for income, taxes, expenses, and savings

Take your tracking to the next level by adding your own categories

Finances at a Glance

Our dashboard helps you quickly check your monthly finances

See how your income, taxes, spending, and savings all add up

Category Dive-in

Use our analysis pages to dive in and find where you can improve

See your progress in each category over time along with every entry's data

Export Your Data

Export your data so you can take it with you

If you're a spreadsheet guru, our excel-friendly format lets you crunch your own numbers

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